Michael Hubbard Musician/Producer

As a keyboardist for the past 15 years, Michael has been fortunate to travel across the US and abroad, working as a side man in several bands which have shared the stage opening for greats such as blues legends Bobby Blue Bland and Bobby Rush, Neo-soul mainstays Goapele and Geno Young, Soul legends Yarbrough and Peoples, and has worked with many other talented local singers, independent artists, and producers in the musician-rich hotbed of Dallas/Fort Worth Texas, where he calls home.

His growth into the realm of musical production and engineering was a natural progression, taking the wealth of knowledge he has learned as a musician and applying it to his compositions.

Although Born and raised in Texas, Michael has a passionate global vision for his music.

"I believe music is a form of communication, like speaking. I believe there are multiple languages of music. and to be an effective artist, touching lives on any stage (local, national, international), a musician must be multilingual. My goal is to touch every man, woman, and child around the world at least once a day through my music. My mission is to make music meaningful"

This vision is the basis of his work, from his company Michael Hubbard Music (Entertainment, Production, And Consultation Services), to his debut EP I Got It Covered and his most recent project, a concept album entitled The Breakup. Whether it be a live performance, or a tightly produced record, you can be sure that his passion will ring loud and true.

Make Meaningful Art

About I Got It Covered

To me, covering a song is not about duplicating the chords and melody. It is about sharing what the song means to you, personally. It is about having something to say, which cannot be expressed in any other way than through that particular song, re-shaped with the specific moods, colors, and emotions it creates within you.
This EP showcases some personal favorites, as interpreted by yours truly, and through the voices of some phenomenal singers and musicians I am happy to call friends. If you're looking for a new take on some great songs, then... I Got It Covered.

About The Breakup

This is my first concept album consisting of all original material, touching on varying themes of a subject which seems so relevant, especially since it released exactly six months away from February 14, on the opposite side of Valentine's Day.
Whether you're relaxing in bed, riding in your car, or letting loose on the dance floor, The Breakup will not let you down. My hope is that you will relate to some (or, perhaps all) of what I will share, either in some part of your personal life, family affairs, or in your professional world.
I worked with some phenomenal singers, musicians, co-writers, and co-producers, and I am proud of each one of these songs, each for different reasons.
Created By
Michael Hubbard