Risk Assessment Assignment

Risks and Solutions

There are two sets of doors at the ice rink, one that is thought of as an entrance and one that is thought of as an entrance. This is the exit doors which are clearly labeled as "exit"
Risk: This set of doors are the entrance doors. They are not marked as entrance doors which could cause some confusion for patrons entering the rink. Patrons trying to enter the facility from either door could causing a flow of traffic problem. Solution: A simple solution would be to include "entrance" signs on the door. This picture also demonstrates the ice rink's address which can be seen from 50 feet away from the building.
Risk: This is a potential tripping risk for patrons. It can be seen that it has tried to be fixed but that the floor has peeled away again. Especially in skates, this can be very dangerous with a bench and wall near by that the patron can hit. Solution: This could be solved by replacing the floor completely, but if that is not possible then it can be re-tapped and should be monitored daily to make sure that it has not come undone again.
Risk: This is key signage to make sure that the ice rink is not liable for anything that is taken and so that patrons know that they can keep their belonging secure here. The problem with this sign is that it is up very high (up above 7 foot lockers) and therefore many people would not be able to see this which could cause a problem for the rink when it comes to liability. Solution: The best way to fix this would be to lower the sign to eye height so that everyone will be able to see it.
Risk: This sign is telling patrons not to walk on the stairs with skates as it is very dangerous. This sign is being blocked by a recycling bin and therefore patrons can not see this whole entire sign letting them know the dangers. This could lead to a variety of risky situations such as slipping and destruction of property within the rink. Solution: Move the recycling bin and make sure all employees know not to block signage.
Risk: This is a picture of the outside of the building. There is no sign explaining what is allowed in the building and what is not allowed in the building. This is on the risk assessment checklist and the rink lacks something that explains what should and shouldn't be allowed in the rink. This can cause a problem for employees and put them in danger as well as it can upset some people if they are no aware of things like food, which can not be brought in. Solution: A sign stating what is allowed and what is not allowed would be an easy fix to this potential risk.
Risk: This picture shows that the door bar is not flush against the door and can therefore be chained which can be a serious risk. Solution: There is no simple fix for this except for to change the door bar so that it is flush against the window.
Risk: There are no speed limits signs within the parking lot alerting patrons to how fast they should be driving. This is risky as there are pedestrians, especially children often running across the street. Solution: Check with county officials and put a speed limit sign up.
Risk: The first aid kit is located in a cabinet behind the front desk. It is one of two first aid kits with the other one being in the employee lounge. There is no first aid kit down by the ice which is where most injuries take place. This could be a major risk as proper first aid may be delayed as employees must either find someone upstairs to bring the first aid kit downstairs or they may have to run upstairs themselves if they do not have skates on. Solution: This could be solved by adding a first aid kit in to the penalty box or attaching one to the wall on the employee only side of the rink.
Risk: This picture is from the employee lounge and shows that there has been water damage because of a leak in the roof. There are multiple panels in the rink looking like this. The water dropping through the ceiling creating puddles, and the ceiling tiles getting too overloaded with water and potentially falling could cause a huge risk at the rink. Solution: This must be fixed by repairing the roof which the rink will be doing this coming summer (2017)
Risk: The last potential risk at the rink is their ADA accommodations. There are two bathrooms in the ice rink. The downstairs bathroom has no handicapped access and the one upstairs (pictured above) is very tight and it is not easy to maneuver around. Not having handicapped accessible space is a problem and can be a risk. Solution: This can only be fixed by redoing the bathroom and allowing the far stall (the current handicap accessible stall) to pick up more space. The bathroom will be getting redone this summer to allow for more handicap space.

Pictures of Signage Throughout the Rink

This sign is in the lobby of the rink before you walk downstairs to the lower lobby. It advises patrons to lock up their possessions and that the ice rink is not responsible for anything stolen. This sign is not very large so it doesn't attract people's attentions. It could possibly be made larger.
This sign is located on both staircases in the rink that can be accessed with skates on. As opposed to the one that is blocked, this one is clear to see. A brighter color could be helpful so that it attracts attention.
This sign is located in two places. One is in the front lobby and this one is in the lower lobby. It outlines the rules that skaters must follow when they go on the ice. This is good for managing risks by stating what is expected of anyone going out on the ice. It is located in a good spot.
This sign is great for managing who goes where and making sure that patrons of the rink do not go anywhere that could potentially cause a risk. Once again, a brighter sign may be helpful to attract the attention of the patron.
All the locker rooms are numbered. This sign could be improved by putting "locker" in front of the 2 since patrons may not know what the 2 means.
This is very important for keeping patrons out of risky areas. This is also an area where many of the rink controls are located like ice temperature. If patrons are able to get back here and potentially change something this could be bad. Therefore this sign is important for controlling who goes back there. If any change was to be made, the sign could be enlarged for better viewing.
This shows the fire extinguisher that is next to the skate rental in the lower lobby. There is a sign pointing to it so that people can see where it is and if there is a problem there is a better chance that it will be retrieved. This sign would probably not need to be improved in any ways as it is in a bright color and alerts the customer to what is there.
All the exit signs in the rink are lit and in locations that can be seen. The signs are brightly lit and are the average size of exit signs.
This is another important sign for acknowledging that the ice rink is not responsible for anything that gets stolen. This is key for liability issues. This sign could be larger and lower down.
Lastly, this sign is important as it shows where the life-saving AED is located. This sign is fine the way it is.

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