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Old City Jerusalem

The Old City Jerusalem is the heart of the religions. It basically splits the different quarters up into sections and religions. There are 4 different quarters, the Moslem, Christian, Armenian, and Jewish quarters. This is the home of a lot of the holy sites that we have learned about in the Jerusalem movie.

This Holy site is the Western wall

This holy site it one of the most sacred places to Judaism Religion. The Western Wall has been said to have "ears" meaning that when they pray to the wall there is a believe that god hears their prayers. Although this is a very sacred place to the Jewish community, in the past the women of this religion were not able to pray at the Western Wall, however the right for women to pray is slowly being won. The Western Wall is significant to the Jewish community because their Second Temple in 70 CE was destroyed and this was their only place to turn to to pray.

This Holy site is the Jordan River

This Holy site is specifically sacred to Jews and Christians because of its history. Jordan River is known to give its water a spiritual significance that makes it different from other rivers. This river is important to Jews because it is where Joshua and his tribes crossed over dry land to get to the Promised Land. The Jordan River is important to Christians because this was the place of Jesus' baptism.

This Holy site is the Dome of the Rock

This site is a sacred Islamic site that can be seen all throughout Jerusalem. This site is the oldest Islamic monument that hold the sacred stone. The Dome of the Rock is suppose to be a shrine for Pilgrims. The site was built to commemorate Muhammad's ascension into heaven after he went to Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is important because holds the rock where Abraham prepared Isaac for sacrifice.

This Holy site is the Foundation Stone

This Holy site is found inside the Dome of the Rock which holds the Foundation Stone. The foundation stone is important to the Islamic religions because it is where Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac. This stone also is where the Prophet Muhammad was ascended into heaven.

If anyone went on this tour it wouldn't be very long because the Western Wall and Dome of Rock are very close together. This only site that would be harder to get to is the Jordan River. Even though the Jordan River is farther away from these sites it is only a couple hours away. You would be able to travel from the Jordan River to the Dome of the Rock (which carries the Foundation Rock) to the Western Wall in a day and see all of the holy sites. People would be able to ride in cars or on a bus to get to these holy sites and since the Western Wall and Dome of the Rock are very close you can walk to or from each place and would only need to drive to or from the Jordan River. This tour should start at the Jordan River then, drive the 2 hours to the Dome of the Rock and see the Foundation Stone and last, walk to the Western Wall.

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