How America Started By Nicholas Collins

I think how America started is by Ferdinand Magellan sailing all the way around the Earth even though he didn't make it and when he sailed around America he was surprised to see land nobody has ever saw before. Some people that did make it alive told the king and queen of this new land and that is how America got noticed.

Another reason why I think America started is because the English settled at Jamestown. When they settled and made the fort that let people know that they could travel to this new land and start a new life there and more and more people came. Also tobacco was a big thing when people heard about it.

A third reason why I think America started was because of the taxes that Britain was doing to us. The people of the thirteen colonies knew it was illegal to tax them. I think it made us stronger and our feelings about England changed.

Another reason why I think America started is because of the Declaration of Independence. I think that after England was bullying us we were getting tired of it and we decided to stand and make the Declaration of Independence to say to England we weren't playing around.

My last reason why I think America started is because the War of 1812. When America went back to war with England we already had a confidence booster against them because we had beat them in the Revolutionary War { with some help from Spain, France, and the Dutch.] And also England was at war with France until 1814 but when we beat them for a second time that gave our young country a confidence booster and proved we can beat anyone.

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