Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a huge impact in segregation and racism because he stuck up for himself, friends and family. This website will talk about when,what, ,and how he did what he did.Also you will also find out if Martin Luther King, Jr really made a impact on the world from then to now. I strongly believe that after you read this website you will feel that Martin Luther King, Jr. Made a strong impact on the world.

What Did He Want?

What Did He Want?

Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted to make a difference in the world by stopping racial segregation. And racism for everyone. Martin Luther King, Jr. Did this by performing speeches, starting marches, and sticking up for himself by volunteering at a churches. He did many things to stick for what he wanted but, he also would stick up for his family.Martin, Jr. made a impact on our world because he was one of many people who tried to stop segregation and racism.

Why Did He Want It?

Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted to stop racial segregation because when he was young he grew up with separate water fountains labeled white and colored and if colored ever drank out of whites fountain they would get beat even almost to death. Same things with what doors you go in and what things you can by. That’s one of the reasons Martin wanted to stuck up for racial segregation. Also when Martin was young he made 2 new friends but they were 2 white boys and his parents were very happy for Martin and very glad he was making friends with white boys and that they were not being rude to Martin. When the white boys told their parents. They had a different opinion on them being friends. Their opinion was they don't like that their child is friends with someone that has colored skin. So they said you can't be friends anymore and ended Martins friendship with the 2 white boys early. This is one of the reasons why Martin did want to stop racism because he could not do anything about his skin color and that it is not his fault on what skin color he is. One more thing is lots of places were segregated lots of places were segregated because of skin.Like schools ,public bathrooms,stores, and what you could by in a store like food,clothing, and more. Normally you would get better looking things more improved things if you were white.if you were colored it things would be old not as new and nice. Also water fountains or a stall for a restroom could have no door.if colored would use the stuff for white only they would get punished because they used things for white not colored . This is important because Martin experienced segregation and racism at a young age.

How Did He Do It?

Martin Luther King, Jr did what he did by Doing Marches like March on washington street. He also performed speeches for example a speech he performed a speech called I have a dream speech. Martin Luther King, Jr also did things like sticking up for his beliefs and what he wanted. Martin, Jr. stuck up for no more segregation and racism by be a church a priest.overall Martin did many thing to do what he did overtime.

Positive Consequences

Martin Luther King,Jr. got married in 1953 to Coretta Scott and had 4 children and they met in Boston.This is important because Martin got Married to Coretta Scott who also was a person who stood out like Martin Luther King, Jr. martin Luther King, Jr. won the award for a nobel peace prize in 1964.The award takes place on December 10 every year Also Martin Luther King, Jr. had 43 people voted for him to win the nobel peace prize.Martin also was the youngest person to ever win the nobel peace prize at age 35. He got the award because he was known for his hard work because he was a civil rights voter. He was Also known for himself sticking up for civil rights a being a hard working leader. This is important because this is a positive consequence on how he got what he wanted. Another thing Martin did was, Martin Luther king, Jr participated in the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and also in the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This is important because Martin wanted things to be equal for white and colored both.

Negative Consequences

Some negative consequences that happened to Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, jr went to jail for 41 days. When he was in jail he wrote many letters. This is one of the big consequences that Martin Luther King, Jr. Went through.On January 27th Martin Luther King, Jr. got a threatening phone call saying if you do not leave your house we are going to blow it up with you in it or without you in it. Just because of his skin color.On September,30,1956 Martin Luther King, Jr's. House was bombed by segregationist when Marin Was at church and his family was inside his home. People were standing outside with weapons in case any one tried to escape the bomb. None of Martin’s family was bombed. When everyone found out about the bomb people that were a fan of Martin ran over and tried to help but Martin said no go back home and be safe do not get hurt. He said that because he wanted to be a leader and make sure no one gets hurt.This is important because Martin was being an leader and trying to make sure that no one got hurt so he told people to go home. Also this is important because He knew they were going to get bombed just didn't know when so he stayed and tried to stick up for people. These things are all important because they all happened to Martin While he was trying to get equal rights.

Was He Successful?

Martin Luther King, Jr was successful because when he gave speeches people listed to him and people wanted to be equal with him besides the whites they hated it when Martin would or when anyone with colored skin got what they wanted. Martin also was successful because he has done many things to prove to people that being equal is better than being segregated. So overall Martin Luther King, Jr was successful on what he tried to do.

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