Earthquakes By CryStal

What is an earthquake?

An earthquake is when more than one tectonic plates hits each other.

The epicentre is on the surface of the earth, where the tectonic plates hit each other, and causes an earthquake.

What is the earths crust?

The earth's crust is the top layer of the earth that is covered by soil and water. The earth is broken into layers; core, mantle and of course the crust.

What are the earths tectonic plates?

The earths crust is broken up into pieces like a jigsaw. They all fit together. Each of these big pieces are called a tectonic plate.

What different movements does the earth make during an earthquake?

It all depends on the size of the earthquake and how strong it is. It's measured using a seismometer.

How can an earthquake cause a Tsunami?

An earthquake causes a Tsunami because of the vibration of the earth from the earthquake


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