Dolphin Story by: GAbriela Wooldridge

Chapter 1

The doctors didn’t know how I happened. They said it was a miracle. The kids at my school disagree, after all, how are you born a dolphin when you have human parents? No friends, can't see my family, and not quite sure where I belong.

Right now i'm all alone in the ocean nowhere to go, no place to be. So I decided to go swimming to the Atlantic ocean. So I get ready to go. I get out of my house, I start swimming towards a new adventure.

Example Of Atlantic Ocean

On my way to the Atlantic Ocean I slowly swim past a lovely town named Coral Town. And all of a sudden I hear sirens go off. Other sea animals zip past me and scream “HIDE” everyone swims away from the middle of the crowd. Someone tells me to “get down”. I try yelling at the dolphin back “WHAT'S HAPPENING” The dolphin disappeared into the dark blue ocean.

I look back. There's chaos. I have no idea what to do. This has never happened to me before. Whats going on, I cant hear anything but screaming and a high pitch ringing in my ear. I look around I see families grabbing their kids and hiding in darkness to be nowhere to be seen. Leaving trails of bubbles behind them.

I start thinking about what could be happening. But I had no time to think so I start swimming to find a spot to hide so i'm nowhere to be seen.

As i'm hiding I hear someone scream “WHERE'S MY DAUGHTER”? I look back I see a child alone swimming in all different directions not knowing where to go. I quickly try letting a dolphin know that a dolphin child over in the middle of town is alone and is panicking. But as I look over the child disappeared and a big shadow came out of nowhere. I scream at the child to swim and hide. I see no big shadow anymore and everything is now calm and no more screaming. But as I turn around I see an adult looking for a child. The man is going around asking others if they have seen his child.

I think of how I could help this man. I swim up to him and say “I would be glad to help you find your child.”


The man looked at me astonished of what I just said. He grabs my fin and starts tearing up and says “Thank You”. he seemed to appreciate my request.

Before I started going to find the child the man said “Wait be careful out there. And if you get near a current swim the other way the currents going”. I look at him and say “Thank you for letting me help you”

I swim away very nervous, and start my search for the missing child.

Chapter 2

I swim to the next town asking people if they have seen a child. They always ask me what she looks like and I say “She's a Whitish Blue dolphin.” But they repeatedly keep saying they have not seen her.

I move onto another huge town called Reef City. It's a very large town with a lot of lights. A lot of animals, some are very “dangerous animals”. That's why I decided to come to this town all different kinds of animals. I swim around for a bit then I see a very large shark out of the corner of my eye. I swim towards it and ask if it has seen a child. I described the child to him but the looked nervous that I would find something out. He said “No” , he swam away and I started to follow.

I followed him to a sunken ship where loads of sharks were swimming in and out. I keep a sharp eye on my every move and make sure no one sees me. But as I follow him he looks back and I hide, but the way he looks back at me.. He had a mysterious look on his face, I tried to get a good look but as soon as I did he quickly turned back around and keeps swimming. As he faces forward I make sure i'm not being followed and follow him into a dark alleyway. Then I see another shark come out of nowhere from the other side. It go's up to the other shark and asks “Where's the kid?”

Big Shark

The other shark says “Right here” and throws the child out into the middle of them. I see the child shaking with fear and about to tear up. I ask myself “what should I do”? So I just throw myself in between the sharks and grab the child and bolted off as fast as I could. The sharks start following me, the closer they get the faster I swim. The kid asks “What's happening?”in a scared tone of voice. I don't respond because I have no time to talk. I keep swimming but as I swim the sharks catch up, and I make a sharp turn and grab the child into a dark cave.

I hear the sharks say “Where did they go?”. And I hear them swim away trying to look for us. As they disappear into the ocean looking for us I explain everything happening to the child so she would do as I say to get her back to her parents.

I tell the child to follow me quietly. We leave the cave and she follows and as we pass lots of dolphins we start swimming as fast as possible trying to leave no trace of us. Then I hear in the distance “There they are. Follow them!” As we swim I see the sharks catching up to us. So I tell the kid to make lots of bubbles so they won't be able to see us. So she flaps her tail real hard and so do I. Which is leaving tons of bubbles and throwing them off track.

Swimming Dolphin

I see the town where she got stolen. We get down to the town and I ask the kid if she knows where she lives. So she leads me towards her house.

Underwater House

As we get into her house her dad comes out of nowhere and hugs his daughter real tight like her eyes are going to pop out. But I tell the father to call the cops. So he lets go of his daughter and immediately and calls the cops. I hear loud sirens and I see the sharks get caught from across the road. They spot me and try to get us but the dolphins have go them cuffed and now they are being thrown into the police car. We all hug in excitement and the father thanks me. But as I leave the father asks me “Would you like to stay a while?”. I look at him and thank him for his request but I say

“No thank you. I have to help others.” Then he nods back at me and says

“I wish you best of luck” Then I exit the house and head towards another town.

More Adventures

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