Mekong Diaries #8 Phnom Penh - Saigon - Mandalay

Phnom Penh

Perpetrator or Victim?

WHENEVER I see old poeple on the street I ask myself if they have been perpetrators or victims. As a matter of fact hardly anybody of the Khmer Rouge regime was prosecuted nor brought to justice. And although there are some memorials about the Khmer Rouge genocide it seemed to me that the people of Cambodia rather want to forget and not be remembered what happened under Pol Pot’s (Brother No.1) regime. It’s hard to understand, shouldn’t people and nations take responsibility for their past and learn from history?

S21 - Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

We visited the S21 torture prison and met one of the seven survivors (out of over 17,000 victims). The visit left us shocked and speechless...

Our lovely Aquarius Hotel with roof top pool and bar.

Fresh Food

Good Mooooooorning Vietnam!
A morning in Vietnam starts with a Pho
or washing your cock.

Phu Quoc

After 5 weeks on the road, mountains, lakes and rivers we felt that we need a break, the sea, a sunny beach and a spa. Bad weather in the North of Vietnam caused us to return to Phu Quoc after 12 years. Unbelievable how this deserted island from 2005 developped into a tourist hot spot.

Russian style
our style
Life is a beach


Learning from Phnom Penh: in an Asian mega-city, take an hotel with roof top pool.
Vietnam‘s U23 football team finished 2nd in the Asia Cup and people went crazy all night long.
Millions of scooters, billions - MILLIARDEN!!!
Vespas 😍
Sundowner at the Caravelle Hotel. Same procedure as in 2005.

People of Ho Chi Minh City

Where is Ho Chi Minh?
Gone shopping
welcome to Amazing Burma


To add a bit of context why we are in Myanmar which was not on our schedule. We met a traveler in a tuk tuk in Laos that told us that Germans can get now easy an online visa within days. And as the waether forecast for North of Vietnam didn‘t get any better we decided to change our plans and fly to Mandalay, Myanmar. Best decision ever. What a magic country:

Add me in the back and you get the full picture. Our guide thru Mandalay.
Pollution defense.
Hardly any Western tourists.
GOLD for Buddha - 1 hour of continuous hammering to flatten gold for Buddha, 5 times...
STONE for Buddha
WOOD for Buddha
U Bein Bridge spans the Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura in Myanmar. The 1.2-kilometre bridge was built around 1850 and is believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world.
In any case, a great place for the sun-downer.

People of Mandalay

Goteik Viadukt

We knew it will be a drag to cross the Goteik Viadukt - the world‘s longest train steel bridge; a 7 hours shared taxi drive to catch a train for a 13 hours journey back to Mandalay.

Up to the Chan Sate by car with no traffic rules, passing left or right but in any case all cars with the steering wheel on the right while driving on the right side?! That‘s Myanmar.
Sundowner in Hsipaw, Chan State.
The train is coming and it is said to be Asia‘s most spectacular train ride.
The ticket for the 13h trip is only €2.50 (including €0.20 for life insurance) and the preferred transportation for the less priveliged, and some tourists...
Ticket counter.
Premium class.
Phone charger...
It could have been worse.
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