Elements Of Art By: Pablo nah


Lines are all in different ways but we see them all straight or how the eye sees it.


Shapes come in different varieties, colors and figures


Forms have a different way to look at them , they have depth


Value gives the artwork the dark or bright shadow they have


Space is what inside or what is outside but it can be all around it


Color here and a color there we see them everywhere with different hues this day and everyday


Texture is everywhere in different ways. You touch something you feel the texture. You see something you see the texture.


Created with images by Georgie Pauwels - "Lines" • Alexas_Fotos - "bottles alcohol form" • FeeLoona - "ball glass about" • apdk - "st pauls dome black and white" • mikaro95 - "sport basketball basket" • LCBGlenn - "Fruit" • MoNyKa - "dragonfly wing nature close"

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