Lost But Can Be Found Determining the Unknown factor

QUICK! We need your help! You are the superhero of this activity. We have been waiting for someone like you to help us finish our journey. The only thing that is stopping us from continuing are intense math problems and we can't seem to figure out. We have a series of pictures and videos that might help you figure these math problems out. Apparently they it has something to do with determining the unknown factor, but we don't understand what it means. You are our last hope young one.

(Throughout this journey with your new crew, you will be getting tasks to do that you will have to write down. You will be told this is your task or task #. If you see those words you will write down the problems and how to solve it on your piece of paper.)


Determine the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers.


The first thing that you will need to do is watch these videos so you can understand how to solve these math problems.

Hopefully after watching the video you understand how to solve these math problems.

We have some problems with our car and we can't find out how to fix them. Once you solve one of the problems you will fix one part of the car. We have 2 flat tires, a broken engine, oil leaking and broken tail light. Best of luck to you.

Task #1

Determining the Unknown Factor

5 x ? = 15

36 = ? x 6

16 = 2 x ?

63 = 9 x ?

54 = ? x 9

Thanks for solving all of those problems. It really help us with our journey. You helped us start moving on again. We have a couple more things for you to do though.


We have some more math problems for you that are similar those last ones. Except these are a little harder. These are all division problems. We wish you the best of luck.

There is a monster in the way and we need to find out a way to distract him so we can get around them without him seeing us so we don't get eaten. Your task is to solve these math problems so we can get past.

Don't look at him directly in the eye!

Task #2

Solve these division problems to help us get around this monster.

2 = 16 / ?

6 = 36 / ?

90 / ? = 10

40 / ? = 8

12 = 144 / ?

Awesome you did a great job. I don't think he saw us going around him! That was a super close call. Good thing you are amazing at math. You saved our lives. Thanks for saving our life! You are a true super hero!


This will be your rubric! Make sure you look at it and complete all the tasks. I will be checking how you are doing on it during class to make sure you are doing it correctly! Make sure you read everything

You did a great job learning how to solve unknown factors. Determining unknown factors is a great way for solving different problems. Now that you are done with your problems find someone else that has completed this assignment and check your answers with a partner. Then write your name on the others paper so I know you checked your papers.

Determining Unknown Factors
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