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My name is ​Brian Langford. I'm an Instructional Designer for the University of Phoenix and I love what I do! I am always looking for opportunities to develop myself professionally and I love the training and development courses that Adobe offers. I look forward to interacting with many of you and having an edifying experience.

Class 1 Assignment

Class 1 Assignment

Use Adobe Draw to design a character. Sketch out different options and experiment with colour, line and shape. This is not the final design, but simply a way of generating ideas through sketching. Whether you're a total novice or the next Da Vinci, drawing is a great way to start and share ideas, and Adobe Draw is a great tool for prototyping your idea before building your character properly in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Once you’ve had the opportunity to plan, it's time to create a simple character in Photoshop or Illustrator using one of the templates in the app as a starting point. Record your character using Character Animator, export the video file and upload it to your preferred video hosting site. Then share the URL along with your Class 1 learning journal.

Class 2 Assignment

Create your own animated character and record a short animated sequence (30 Seconds maximum). Export the video file and upload it to your preferred video hosting site, then share the URL along with your Class 2 learning journal. For this assignment you could use Illustrator Draw to start designing your character, or simply jump straight into Character Animator and build from scratch.

Final Steps to Graduation and Accreditation

For your final assignment complete your Learning Journal by adding a personal reflection on your own learning and add the link to the Achieving Accreditation assignment.

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