An adventurer and teacher, Andrea Gowin By: Colby James

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Providence Day School history teacher, Andrea Gowin, teaches students World History, not only because it's her job, but merely because she is interested in the material. Throughout the course, students are taught various historical facts that happened all over the world. In this, a good amount of the class is spent learning about Greece and Turkey. This gave Mrs. Gowin an opportunity to go on an adventure herself, which incorporates the places she has traveled to over the years.

In the summer of 2016 is when she went on her excursion. A flight to Istanbul, Turkey is where she began her 16 day journey. This city is located where Europe and Asia meet. In Istanbul, she visited the many famous tourist sites. Which we learned about in her class, for example the Grand Bazaar and the Blue Mosque. Gowin mentioned, “I was so intrigued by the large size of the mosque and its unique design.”

Mosque in Istanbul, photo courtesy of Andrea Gowin

Only 457 miles from Istanbul, remains the home of the famous “fairy chimneys”. The tall, cone shaped rocks were located in the valleys of Cappadocia. On the way to seeing the chimneys, Gowin explored the Byzantine cave chapels. “I was fascinated by the way they were decorated with exquisite biblical frescoes”, said Gowin.

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, photo courtesy of Andrea Gowin

While Gowin was amazed by all that she had seen, her eyes were widened when she came across the Library in the world famous city of Ephesus. This structure had to be the most beautiful monument in all of Ephesus. Gowin enjoyed this small town for that it had such interesting culture for a small city.

Ephesus Library, photo courtesy of Andrea Gowin

Throughout this adventure, these are just few of the many unique places Gowin explored. However, it did not compare to the typical dinner she ate each night. To her, the food seemed to have the same concepts as in the US, but called different names. Gowin enjoyed the food so much she even asked if she could take a picture of it to show to her students.

Typical Turkish dinner, photo courtesy of Andrea Gowin

When Gowin had thought Turkey was interesting enough, she was wrong. She finally made her way over to a little island off the coast of Greece known as Crete. This place grabbed Gowins attention by the strong culture of the churches. This city was surrounded by thousands of historical churches with important value.

Church in Greece, photo courtesy of Andrea Gowin

Gowin’s inspiration to go on this trip was because of the rich historical culture and the present day values it had. This opportunity gave her the chance to really get to understand and see what she had been teaching her students. Overall, when traveling from city to city, she got a closer look at why it is so important to teach her students about these places in history due to their rich historic culture.

While taking an adventure to Greece and Turkey is valuable to her because she teaches the information, Gowin also took a different look upon in. It really opened her eyes at all the different cultures in one location. While all the cities were interesting to her, she would recommend Istanbul. Being in between Europe and Asia, it gave Gowin a look at Asian, Europe, and the Middle east. Each culture was so different from one another. All in all, “This trip really opened my eyes to reality versus what I perceived through social Media” said Gowin. The fact of this should really grab people and encourage them to go visit places and not just go in believing what hear about it on social media.

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