Geo of bahamas


Physical features: 700 islands, 2,400 cays, total area of 5,382 square miles, highest point is Mt. Alvernia at 206.7 feet, Nassau is the capital and the most major city, the climate is warm and it is always around 70-80 degrees, there are many types of tropical trees and animals, The max elevation is only 37 meters above sea level, Population is almost 400,000 people, There are a lot of small houses and hotels, english is the national language, their economy is ranked 31st in the world, music plays a big part in their culture

Human Environment Interaction

The people interact with the environment mostly by planting fruit trees, bushes. The land use is very high in the bahamas and pollution is a problem


The absolute location is 25.0343° N, 77.3963° W, Relative location is south of florida in the atlantic ocean in the northern and western hemisphere


The types of transportation is by plane, minibus and cars, There are a few ports in the bahamas the biggest one is located the closest to Florida called freeport container port. also, there are multiple airports the biggest one is located in Nassau.


Bahamas is located in between the Northern and Western hemisphere, In the Atlantic ocean and SouthEast of Florida´s coast


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