Playing with Translucent Clay Part she 1 As requested...a tutorial.

I've been exploring the wonderful world of polymer clay for the last 5 years and am regularly surprised by this amazing art medium. Almost anything is possible with it! You can sculpt it, texture it, paint it, ink it, use pastels on it, silk screen on it and the most fun of all, create millefiori canes from it. I'm a recent convert to the art of caning and have been asked to share the latest technique that I developed while working with translucent polymer clay. Translucent clay looks like a beigey white clay before curing but magically becomes translucent after curing. If you have some knowledge and/or experience with polymer clay you will appreciate this tutorial but if you don't know much about it hopefully you'll enjoy the results!

A pendant made with this technique.
Start with a skinner blend bullseye cane made with translucent clay ( inside) and white (outer layer) polymer clay.
Wrap the cane in a medium thin layer of metallic gold clay.
It should look like this.
Reduce this cane until it is 8 inches long. Then divide it into 2 equal lengths. Set one aside.
Reduce the first cane until it is 12 inches long then divide it into 3 equal 4" sections. Combine these 3 pieces with the one that you set aside and start reducing this cane.
Reduce this cane to a length of 6 inches and divide it in half. Combine the 2 resulting sections into one cane.
Reduce the resulting cane into a long cane gradually forming it into a rectangular cane.
Cut in half, combine, reduce again, then combine into a square cane made of 4 equal lengths of cane.
Repeat the process again until you have a square cane that you like. I did one more repetition to get this look . Let this cane rest overnight or in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before slicing it.
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Nan Smith

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