The Florida Museum of Natural History My Experience

Nature on Display

Right from the start, it was clear how nature was being portrayed throughout the layout of the museum. As my friend and I, got our stamps and entranced we noticed the grand main atrium. Inside was a giant skeleton of a mammal and the big windows on each side over head. They let in the natural light of outside, that not only brightened up the room but it brought the outside inside. The color scheme was Earth toned colors while incorporating vibrant reds and pinks are are often found in nature.

main entrance

After taking in the first couple steps we noticed there was a frog exhibit. As we looked in the first display and same the small frogs, I couldn't help but think that they weren't real. Both me and friend looked at each other dumbfounded. My friend, Michelle, then decided upon her self to ask a worker. To our surprise, all the frogs in the displays were as real as you and I. This particular exhibit was perhaps my favorite. On a day to day basis, you often never find yourself thinking about nature or it's fundamental role in our lives. This opportunity gave me the time to really acknowledge this truth. Learning about the many different species of frogs and all there different attributes, made me appreciate the wonders of the world and how life is so precious.

This very specific display was about the Borneo Eared Frog, I was intrigued by its "Sticky Fingers" and the way that it would latch on to the window and the branches. It became obvious that its suction cup fingers were an inspiration for modern advancements and technology. Many things in nature inspired scientist long time ago,

The Borneo Eared Frog

Nature & Ethics

"Love, respect and admire"

As I strolled along, looking at the different pictures and displays, I was reminded of how there is so much more to life than just what consist of what we do each day. We have this wall that separates us from nature. We have this tendency to be very selfish creatures by nature. Our well being is the number one priority, and we will do what ever it takes to take care of it.

We have gone through a very self destructive path. The world we live in is our home and our disconnection from it is our downfall. Global warming is evident, this great change in temperature was for the most part due to the industrial boom. We are naive in the decisions we make, not taking in to consideration the lives of the millions of species that share the same world we live in. This museum lead me through visualization what nature truly looks like, even in such an confided space as a concert building. These types of establishments are important, for us to change our out-dated ways. They teach the younger generations about how nature is such an intricate part of the Earth. It's a system that has order and can easily be broken through our manipulations.

Nature & the human spirit

My day usually consists of going to class, going to the library and working on a computer for hours on end. Some other days I have to attend meetings or meet up with an advisor. This is the constant routine, studying and eating are what guides how my day often goes. I never find time to just experience what is around me, even here in Gainesville where the Paines Prairie is around the corner. This trip to the Natural History museum was a step outside my daily life. It helped me better understand my overall perception of what I enjoy, such as all the little parts of the world that I often found myself over looking. I never noticed how radiant the colors of the butterflies were, and that they are responsible for pollinating flowers and thus helping our eco system and crops.

Everything has a purpose, and that lead me to think about myself. About how even the smallest things such as an ant has a purpose on this Earth, so do I. We as humans have the power of intelligence, to work together and accomplish things. Knowing this, it has driven me to become ambitious. I want to make a difference in the world, and I am confident that I can and will do something great. If I apply myself and work hard anything is possible. We are a part of this world, we are the world.


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