Save The Kagu's An Endangered species

The Kagu is a small flightless bird. There are only 1,500-3,000 of their species left. This bird resembles something between a small heron and a rail. The Kagu has long legs, a big crest and feathers on top of their head.

The Kagu lives in the largest island of New Caledonia in its dense, dry forests. The Kagu is a carnivore and eats worms, snails, lizards, spiders, larvae and other small insects. The Kagu also survives best in dry forests.

Domestic dogs, pigs, hunting, deer, cats and other mammals are killing these birds. These bird are also affected by miners in their habitat because they are destroying their environment.

For the decline in forest the Kagu have had nowhere to nest or forage resulting in a decline the species as a whole.which is resulting in the species being endangered.

To help this species stay a species, New Caledonia is starting a conservation which is managing dogs and mining and New Caledonia is also stopping mining in the Kagu habitats. They are also observing them and they made the Kagu their emblem.

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