Ankle Breaker

Breaking peoples ankles isn't an easy task. There are specific task you must do in order to succeed in breaking someones ankles. It is the most satisfying feeling in the world when you break someones ankles and see them go flying out of your sight because you crossed them up so bad. Here are some tips and tricks into breaking someones ankles.

The first step you need to do is master your ball handling skills. The reason why you need to master your ball handling is since all of the actions you need to do on this list needs good ball handling. After you get the advanced moves down you need to practice a lot on speed. Ball handling speed is key, if your opponent can't see the ball, your gonna get pass him and most likely expose him.

This guy got exposed

Next is your body movement. Body movement is important when it comes to breaking peoples ankles because it may make them think that you might be going in a different direction then the one your actually going. You might get their feet tangled up and might fall over. If you want you can include some fast ball dribbling skills and your hesitations to make them confused in where there going to go. This is most likely going to result into breaking someones ankles.

One of the best way I break someones ankles is by stopping abruptly. When someone is running they are going to try to get the ball or steal it. If they were close to you while running you can stop abruptly. There gonna be running to fast and there shoes might not have god traction or ankle support so there shoe might turn upside down and they will most likely fall.

This was a tutorial about breaking peoples ankles, hope you enjoy.

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