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"Guillermo Campos-Ojeda says goodbye to his wife Adela and daughter Paloma before boarding a deportation flight chartered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in 2010. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) Image:"

Undocumented Immigrants aren't as different as some people may think. Abraham Lincoln once stated “Our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” As changes in our country are happening, the way people view immigrants has been changing too. Many claim that immigrants are the ones that brought drugs and gang violence, are lazy and etc, but in all reality, they come to this country in hopes of a better future for themselves and their families. This country becomes their home, which is why undocumented immigrants try to benefit our government and community in many ways.

Laura Avila hugs her daughter Laura Vera Martinez after seeing relatives in Mexico when they were allowed to meet after a door was opened along the United States-Mexico Border wall during Opening the Door Of Hope/Abriendo La Puerta De La Esparana at Friendship Park in San Ysidro, California on Saturday, November 19, 2016.<br />Sandy Huffaker / AFP

One way undocumented immigrants contribute to the U.S is by doing the jobs most people wouldn't do. One reason they take these jobs is because of the difficulty they have finding jobs due to their status as “illegal”. Often, the people that we see working long hour days are the hard-working, undocumented immigrants. Without immigrants working these jobs many cities would not be able to function at the degree that they do. Even though we should be grateful for these hard workers, and they should be appreciated, many illegal immigrants are scared to be seen outside because of fear they will be taken away and sent back to where they emigrated from. No one should have to live in fear, believing that this might be the last day they see their mom, dad, children, etc. Even after everything they do, according to the Institute

for Taxation and Economic Policy Found that undocumented immigrants paid 11.2 billion in state and local taxes in 2010 alone. This proves that immigrants are not qualified for most social services so which means they pay for benefits they don't receive but U.S citizens do. Also according to Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr Fund "A modernized immigration system will lead to higher wages and increased tax revenue. Immigrants establish companies, create jobs, and drive innovation." Which this is one of the many reasons they are beneficial to this country and community.

Many people believe that undocumented immigrants shouldn't be given a chance to become legalized because they migrated here illegally. The people that believe this don't realize and understand the huge impact immigrants have upon this country, they are 3.5 percent of the U.S population. According to Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund states that "More than 11 million people are living in the U.S.without legal status." Which is why the U.S needs to eliminate the barriers and help undocumented immigrants come out of the shadows to be part of this country. As how Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr Fund explain "Eliminating barriers to immigration creates opportunities for these aspiring Americans, allowing them to unleash their potential, fully participate in society and contribute to the country they call home." We have to remember borders only exist because we create them.

Many have been here for over ten years. According to PewResarch states that “ A rising share of unauthorized immigrants have lived in the U.S. for at least a decade. About two-thirds (66%) of adults in 2014 had been in the U.S at least that long.” The fact that a lot of innocent undocumented workers have been deported for no other than the reason of being illegal is an unhuman like action. For those that have lived here with no criminal record should be granted with legalization if not a license or some paperwork that allows them to work and gain more than what they have all these years. So no fear will be felt every time they step out of their doors.

Undocumented immigrants are beneficial to our government and our community and they should be given citizenship. If you belive that the path of citizenship towards undocumented immigrants is correct. To help and take a stand against the deportation join campaigns, sign petitions and visit https://act.credoaction.com/sign/sanctuary_cities/? Let your voice be heard to help your neighbor, friend, and loved ones feel they are wanted and are safe in their home. Together we can and will accomplish this goal.

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Josue Farias


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