Plant project JC Kuppinger


Are a group of plant that don't have trans port tubes. Traits of Bryophtes are Non vascular and they arr small. And two examples are mosses and Liverworths.


type of vascular flowering plant. Two traits are Conifers and Cycads. Uncoverd seeds mainly needeless. Some examples are Sp-ruse and firs.


Type of vascular plant and a flowering plant. Two traits are Monocats and diocots. They got stems leaves and flowers. they can bare fruts corn and weat.


Created with images by Activedia - "forest abstract colorful forest" • K. Kendall - "Mother" • Armand Turpel - "Neckera crispa" • r.mcminds - "20141207--IMG_0312.jpg" • S. Rae - "Tsuga heterophylla (Western Hemlock)" • Dallas Krentzel - "Chicago Botanic Garden" • FeatheredTar - "Pointing the Way"

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