Game arena some design ideas

Concept 1. Mix of reality and virtuality.

A concept in which design elements are transferred to the virtual digital world.

Elements and Solutions

  • geometric futuristic wow lighting
  • geometric futuristic volumes and forms of furniture (tables, reception desk)
  • changing the sense of space dimensions, optical effects
  • graphics on walls from 3d worlds as a continuation of space (these can be unusual interiors, rooms, and characters there or just abstractions)
  • mirrors expanding and changing space
  • neon light effects
  • more technological solutions
  • others
walls extending into perspective
render / photo or graphic design


Changing the geometry of space. And new worlds. On the walls use photo printing in any style (for example, black and white rendering, neon rendering) graphics with unusual interiors / futuristic interiors / can add characters or it may be abstract stories

virtual abstraction


futuristic lighting
neon letters of brands
Geometry, neon, mirrors


  • running text- smart wall
  • smart tables (wireless charging, usb ports, height adjustment, sockets)

(nastyakolchina design)


Concept2. "Grounding" - rest from virtuality

The concept in which the interior is made in contrast with technological equipment. It allows you to rest and grounded (feel better) after/between the game.

This is a rest to the eyes and emotions after immersion in the game. Pleasant and interesting tactile and visual things. Familiar to the audience, what is close to them, like them. It is interesting to consider.

Elements and Solutions

  • pleasant natural tactile materials (wood, metal, plants, nice textiles)
  • graffiti and calligraphy as a design element (loves young people, and echoes the theme of games)
  • the forms of objects (light, tables, and the rest) are more vital and real
  • color
  • a combination of industrial materials t textures with warm materials


graffiti and calligraphy as an element of wall and ceiling painting

artist Pokras Lampas
artist Pokras Lampas
artist Pokras Lampas


industrial + warm

3 ΠΌΠΌ porcelain stoneware ArchSkin
acoustic lighting - MUUTO
in both concepts the color combination will be harmoniously created. I just need to understand is any base color? For example, in the example it is red.
red system unit lights, table trim, headphones

I listed different elements and ideas. Choose, place them in space, create balanced compositions, combine in the right proportions and create all interior - this will be my work.

Thank you for attention
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Irina Fedotova

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