Spicey Statistics

Sean Spicer not only chews, but also swallows 35 gum pieces every day.

Spicey is expected to live for another 33 years, meaning that by the end of his life he would have chewed 421,575 different gum pieces.
By the end of his life, Sean Spicer would have eaten enough gum to supply everyone in Iceland, Guam and Bermuda their own piece of gum.

if each piece of gum has a volume of around 0.5*0.5*0.25 inches, then that’s 26,348 cubic inches of gum eaten by spicy, enough to produce nearly 2,700 gummy frogs.

Sean Spicey, over his whole life, will spend over $192,000 on gum, enough to buy 66 really cheap used 2010 Chevrolet cars, $2500 each

These cars put together will take up the volume of 43 houses, costing around $11 million dollars.

Assuming the sweetener in Spicey’s gum is corn syrup, Sean spicer would have used up 969,813 ears of corn, costing around $4,024,723 to produce. That’s enough to buy 21 ferraries
back to frogs: if you added up the weight of every signle piece of gum that spicey eats over his whole life will add up to be the approximate weight of 50,143 frogs.

Gum causes you to be gassy, as when you open your mouth you swallow more air than usual.

As some of the gasses in farts are methane and carbon dioxide, sean spice will contribute to global warming significantly over his lifespan. we have to stop this. don't let spicey destroy our earth.



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