WorkxFamily By:estela lopez

Day 1: I took a photo of my sister's suitcase and bag because she’s away at college and she barely comes home. Right now, it’s spring break for her so she’s home for the week. Even though she’s home, I barely see her because I’m always at school and when I get home I’m busy with homework. Since she’s only here for a little bit of time, she doesn’t bother to take anything out of her bags. She’s always ready to go.

Day 2: I looked up and I felt relieved that I have time to spend with my niece. She lives near but I didn’t get to see her often until recently. She comes over so I can babysit her. Even though it’s a lot of work to watch her and take care of her I just enjoy spending time with her.

Day 3: The house is always empty and quiet during the day. My mom usually gets home really tired so she takes a nap. My brother and I stay in our rooms usually, and since all of my older siblings moved out already, there isn’t anyone to make any noise. It’s pretty weird to have the house be quiet all the time but it’s something I’ve had to get used to.

Day 4: My parents are always super tired. I try to keep to myself and take care of my younger brother so I don’t bother them that much.

Day 5: My nephew and niece have been coming over every day and I watch them. It’s tiring, but at least I get to see them often.

Day 6: My school work takes up a lot of my time. I try to balance it out so that I still have time to do other things but that doesn’t end up working and I have to stay up late to finish homework and assignments often.

Day 7: My sister went back to Riverside today and it sucks because we didn’t really get to do anything while she was here. I’m hoping I can go to Riverside on my spring break and we can actually do something other than watch Netflix.

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Estela Lopez

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