Jazz By: Kayla Corbo and Vani Chauhan

Start: 0:34-End: 1:24

The Beginning

Jazz was invented in the 1920's in New Orleans. It started becoming popular near the end of WWI and the start of the Great Depression.


Jazz is usually performed in a band. Some famous artist are Luis Armstrong with, "What A Wonderful World," Duke Ellington with, "It Don't Mean A Thing," and John Coltrane with, "My One And Only Love."

The People

This genre gave an opportunity to all races to find their voice in music. It started off with African Americans but soon spread to whites. Not everyone likes Jazz at first. Adults and Older people did not agree with this type of music. They were afraid that kids would get bad messages from Jazz.


The main instruments used were the trumpet, saxophone, trombone, piano, guitar, bass guitar, and other woodwind instruments.


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