Summit Street CAS Highlights

Summit Street is Eastern Michigan University's premier Tenor-Bass a cappella group. They perform at events and promote up-and-coming musicians and artists of Eastern Michigan University and the local community. Summit Street being a performance group had to shift just like many during the Winter and Summer semesters. They started doing Zoom meetings and instead of live performances they recorded and posted on social media.

Interviewing Andrew Richardson and Walter Whitt they both told me some of their favorite parts about Summit Street. They both talked about the friendships between members that you gain. “My favorite part of being in the group is the camaraderie. While we meet up for rehearsals a lot of us have built friendships outside the group and hang out together during the day and between classes. I'm from out of state, so it's really nice to have a solid group of friends that have my back” said Andrew who is the current president.

“Summit St. A Cappella is more than an organization, it is a family. We're a close group and we welcome members of all races, and genders to be a part of that family whether they are singing or working behind the scenes” said Walter. To become a part of Summit Street there are many ways to get involved. If you sing Tenor, Baritone or Bass, you can audition to sing in the group. Additionally, if you don't sing but want to be a part of it, they have a tech team that helps with many other things!


President's Email - aricha51@emich.edu

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