It’s not uncommon for clients and content marketers to clash over concepts and content.

Here are four ways to save both the project and the business relationship.

1. Regroup

Immediately set up a phone or video conference call and invite all project stakeholders.

Make it clear everyone’s feedback on a draft is expected.

Include those working on related campaign deliverables.

2. Listen carefully

Try to figure out where expectations fell short. Take really good notes.

Listen to not just the what but the WHY someone feels so strongly.

Ask for [new] examples they wish to follow.

3. Offer proof your way works

If you still believe your approach would be better for the brand, explain your WHY.

Provide specific examples of where your approach worked before. Include metrics showing its success.

If such use cases are lacking, cite others' examples with proper attribution.

4. Map out a path

The client may be adamant that his or her requests be honored.

Therefore, look for ways to compromise.

Are there elements from the client that can be creatively incorporated? What can be altered without diminishing your artistic integrity?

Once you settle on that new vision, put it in writing and share with everyone.

There will always be difficult clients whose personalities or management styles clash with your own. Remember why you were hired and where you are willing to compromise.

Make sure you have a contract that addresses how to handle revisions, especially if the client continues to resist your work.


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