Florida by: Aaron Mazurkiewicz

My state is Florida.Florida's nickname is the sunshine state.The capital of Florida is Tallahasele.Florida became a state in March 3, 1845.The state bird is the mockingbird.The state flower is orancf blossom.The state insect is the zebra longwing buterfly.Moking birds are usully about 10 inches.No one really knows the first arrived in Florida.Florida produces 67 of the oranges.A good place to visit in Florida is bush garden tampa.


Created with images by tpsdave - "okefenokee swamp georgia florida" • Free Grunge Textures - www.freestock.ca - "Florida Grunge Flag" • perpetualplum - "Florida page 1046 to 1047" • peggycadigan - "mockingbird" • James St. John - "Heliconius charitonius (zebra longwing butterfly) (Florida, USA) 7"

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