The H-dome

Here is show the bio types of the H-dome

The Home Dome (or H-dome), located in the Canadian tundra,is a state of the art biosphere that is completely self sustaining and is a place for those who want to live a clean, healthy and peaceful life. With no war, a controlled environment and a virtually indestructible bio dome the size of the state of Texas, the H-dome is true Utopia.

To be a part of the H-dome you have to buy a home , and the homes can range between 10-50 thousand. Our population is 3 million and we are all treated as one. if you are a doctor of any kind, an engineer , a business owner, a teacher, or professor you are needed, we need people like this to make up at lest 25% of our population, you will get a discount on housing. All people must be willing to work , everyone has their own jobs and everyone does their job until they physically can not work anymore. when you live in H-dome you have no taxes and you also get free healthcare and schooling.


Created with images by Martin Pettitt - "Eden Project 09-10-2007 10-19-08" • adactio - "In the rainforest biome" • jpeter2 - "desert morocco sand dune" • mikearther - "Early one morning just as the sun was rising" • kachi - "winter landscape snow"

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