Waterloo,a diverse community. inquiry work

Our community is diverse

Why is Waterloo,Kitchener diverse?

Canada and especially K.W. has a reputation of being diverse and accepting of diversity. Many people in the Waterloo region are from a minority group. (Minority in this sense is a lesser portion of the population that is/has been discriminated against). In-fact 25% of the K.W. population arrived from another country. 10% of people are out as being in the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the reputation older people have as being less accepting, A lady who was interviewed at Luther village (local senior home) by gr. 5/6 students from Mary Johnston P. S, had this to say: “People come from all different nationalities, I like that.” Now most minorities have rights in Canada, Ontario. But when did they get them? In 1986 LGBTQ+ people were included in human rights. In 1919 women were considered citizens and could vote. Only that was only the beginning.

heart on stone

Why this picture was selected.

The reason this image best represents Waterloo and Kitchener is because it has a heart. The heart is a symbol of love or compassion. The reason of that a long time ago people and many cultures believed emotion, intelligence and love came from the heart not the brain as we know today. Love connects with diversity in K.W. because even though everyone's different they still have a mutual “love” or compassion for each-other.

Why is diversity good for a community?

Well it makes the place interesting. When people are from different ethnicity or cultures. They would have different food to share. Pizza came from Italy. The croissant came from Australia. Different clothes ; the bikini came from France. It all makes the community richer. It's even realized refugees are helping the economy. In-fact a lot of refugees go on to get very important jobs.

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