Charity Talent Show To help raise funds for cancer research uk

We are holding a charity talent show to raise money for cancer research UK as it is a very well known charity that does a huge amount of work to research ways of combating most forms of cancer. We are looking for businesses to donate their services to our event in order to provide everything we need to make the event a success.

For our talent show to take place we need a variety of businesses to help, companies that can provide lighting and other electrical equipment are needed, as well as companies to provide food and makeup services. We also need some prizes that can be given to the winners and runners up in the competition as well as some small mementos for all of the participants.

What the benefits are for your company

- Sponsorship opportunities

- You are free to advertise your companies to the viewers and staff of the show

- Free admission to the show for all members of your teams

- Free bannered advertisement outside and inside of venue

What the money goes towards

The money that is donated will all go to cancer research UK in order to help fund their research and development into methods of treatment and prevention of various forms of cancer, they have already made valuable advancements in the field of cancer treatment and with our help they can continue their work that will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.


We are also looking for local celebrities of various talents to be judges for our show, these can be people of any age or background that are considered celebrities in the local area.

Contact Details

Address: 42 forty two street, forty two, FT42 4FT

Phone: +42 4242424242

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