Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill By: Sam McCarty and Luke besheer


  • Happened on March 24th, 1989
  • It covered 11,000 square miles of ocean
  • Happened in Prince William Sound, Alaska
  • Was an oil tanker owned by Exxon shipping company
  • 10.8 million gallons of oiled was spilled

Causes of the spill

  • The ship hit a bligh reef
  • The master was giving bad directions to the captian
  • The coast guard failed to put up an effective traffic system
  • The Captain was under the influence of alcohol

Envorinment impact

  • Killed many animals
  • The animals would eat the oil
  • Or it would get into their feathers
  • The beaches where covered in oil and trash


  • It took four summers to get it cleaned up
  • Not all the beaches got cleaned up
  • There were 10,000 men
  • 1,000 boats
  • 100 helicopters and planes
  • The winters did more then the humans did







Created with images by Michael Elleray - "Deepwater Champion" • skeeze - "oil rig explosion fire disaster" • WikimediaImages - "alpine persefone monrovia" • marinephotobank - "Oiled Bird - Black Sea Oil Spill 11/12/07" • skeeze - "response boat speed crew"

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