French Revolution Josiah millen

King Louie owned everything and pretty much told people how to live their lives and eventually they got tired of that and just wanted to think for themselves and have more freedom to pick and choose what they wanted to buy and what religion they wanted to support. Then king Louie raised the taxes to try and get the country out of debt and that made people even more anger which led many French armies to battle for a change in the government. They took out a lot of army's in the process of trying to make a change.

This battle was a success and defeat in many ways. After they had took out king Louie and the monarchy Napoleon Bonaparte became pretty much the leader and said he was going to make a change in how the people lived. He planned on making it so they could own their own land and believe in whatever religion they wanted to and just have a voice in what they do. But after he became leader he started to be like king Louie and was telling people how to live there life's and what to do so it was a success but at the same time it wasn't.

They over exaggerated Napoleons height and made him look bigger and tougher then he really was

The reign of terror was a period of time in which violence was occurring in the French Revolution. It lasted from September 1793 to July 1794. It is named that because of the many executions of those called enemies of the state. Most of these executions happened in Paris and some happened in France. Most people died by the guillotined which is a machine that cuts your head off. The reign of terror was ran by the jacobins. The group gained control over a large part of French government and sought to consolidate their power by eliminating those who opposed their policies.

The reign of terror caused a massive amount of lives being lost. There was a economic decline that arose from unstable political atmosphere. Inflation, unemployment and starvation reached their highest levels during the reign terror. Many industries were also destroyed which affected the French economy. Since there was a huge amount of unemployment people couldn't make money to feed them or their families so they would starve to death. With this and the people being beheaded there was a lot of people dying.

The French Revolution impacted other countries in a negative way. It caused the United States a great amount of trouble because when the French and the British went to war the US was caught right in the middle of everything and almost caused a war between the US and French. It also caused some trouble in Haiti because the Saint Domingue colony broke out when they passed the declaration of the rights of a man and the citizen. The saint domingue colony argued that if all men are free that it should include all the enslaved Africans as well. This was a positive impact for Haiti because the enslaved Africans were granted their freedom.

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