Oil presentation By killian, ryan,jay,and eThan

History of oil used for energy

The first reported used of oil for something in in China where they used it for light in 347 AD

But the thing that really started it was the discovery at Oil Creek in America by George Bissell and Edwin L. Drake on August 28 1859

When Benjamin silliman tried to distill it in to the kind of oil we use today

Since then the oil industry has skyrocketed and is what most city used today still for energy but some city are trying to switch.

How we use oil for energy

One way is the oil is used to heat water to make steam and then turn a turbine to then make energy

Another way is the oil is burnt and makes gases to turn a turbine

The energy transformation

Chemical to thermal to mechanical to electricity then to sound or light or heat or anything the consumer uses it for

Effects on the environment

Oil spill

The impacts of an oil spill is it covering the land and animals in the area. When it gets on animals it keeps then from doing critical functions and killing it. Oil spills also pollute the water and make it bad to eat from

Burning oil

When we burn oil it releases carbon in to the atmosphere which then causes air pollution which in unhealthy for the environment and the people.

Pros and cons of oil


It is easily accessible and cost effective that's why companies are millionaires

Oil is gives off substantial energy

Can be used nonstop because it is a constant and reliable source

Oil is easily produced and refined and now we have so many factories that mass produce oil


Oil is a non renewable source of energy but we won't run out soon

Oil causes environmental pollution such as air pollution that's why in China the air is really bad to breathe

There is hazards because of oil leaks and spills

Disasters in oil drilling which and cause stuff to blow up such as deep water horizon where the whole rig blew up


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