The Plays: Theatre & Drama By: Allison, Payton, Ethan, Jake, and Katie K.

How the stage affected Shakespeare's plays
  • The globe theatre
  • Only had objects required by the plot of the stage
  • Audience was seated in a circular stands around the stage
How Shakespeare intended his plays to be enjoyed and who he originally wrote for
  • Began writing for himself for enjoyment
  • Shakespeare wrote for his audience; the high, middle, and lower class
  • Beginning: Tragedies
  • Later on: Comedies
The significance of his use of plots & character
  • The plots were carefully built and far fetched
  • His characters were very detailed
What some of Shakespeare's characters are believed to look like
What contributed to Shakespeare's timeless success of playwright
  • Lose of his son, Hamnet
  • Expresses his emotions even more
Hamnet, Shakespeare's son

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