The Biography of Kristi Yamaguchi Presentation By ELIZABETH Guttenberg, "Kristi Yamaguchi" by Judy L. Hasday

Early Years

Kristi Yamaguchi was born from Japanese parents that were in "temporary camps", but they raised Kristi and her siblings as normal Americans and they didn't even learn to speak Japanese, but they were given middle names that were Japanese and they would celebrate both Japanese and American traditions, customs, and holidays. When Kristi was born, she was born with club feet, which is where your feet can be twisted into an odd position. Kristi wore braces on her legs to get them to straighten, although it was painful, her feet were normal and straight at the end. When Kristi was little, she went to her first skating show. After Kristi saw this show she knew that that was what her dream was going to be, to skate. Kristi would have to wake up at 3 A.M. And start training at 5 A.M. Everyday and she would have to quit school to really get far in her career.

Main Accomplishments

Kristi Yamaguchi had many, many accomplishments in life, one of her accomplishments even led her to meet her husband, ice hockey pro Bret Hedican. Kristi's first accomplishment, just to start her off on a great path, was when Kristi wins first place in her first ice performance at the young age of 7. In 1988, Yamaguchi wins Worlds junior singles and she and her partner, Rudy Galindo, win the Worlds junior pairs titles. In 1989, Kristi then receives the silver medal at the U.S. Nationals, and she and Rudy win gold medals in National pairs. In 1992, Yamaguchi wins first U.S. Nationals title and Olympic Gold Medal. After this achievement, she goes on and wins her first World Pros Championship. In 1996, Yamaguchi founds the Always Dream Foundation which was an organization for charity. In 1998 Yamaguchi publishes her autobiography called "Always Dream." In 1999, Yamaguchi gets into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. All of these great accomplishments helped Kristi meets her husband, Bret, and then they have children, so for her these accomplishments helped lead up to her, most likely, favorite accomplishment.

Negative Aspects : Even though it was a very tough schedule and it was very grueling to really make it far in skating, I really don't think Kristi had an negative aspects in her life because it led her to an amazing husband which led to a beautiful family. I think that Kristi greatly appreciates where her life brought her to today.
Influences : Kristi most likely is a very big influence to the world by making young children believe that they can overcome their deformities. Even though she had a foot deformity when she was born, she was able to over come it and become an amazing skater. I know that Kristi has had an impact on the community because she started up a charitable organization. Her foundation is the Always Dream Foundation, which helped gain money for charity. Kristi also helped the community by working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Kristi would also perform for children with life-threatening illnesses, just seeing Kristi could help a child be happy again which would help change the community.
Recommend? : I would not recommend this book. Even though the book had a good message and a good story, I would not recommend this book to other people, because it was very slow and it was honestly very hard to stay focused on the book. The middle to the end of the book was much more interesting and grasping then the begging of the book, where it was off on a very slow start.


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