Mental Health Therapist By Kaiden Rankin

Nature of Work

As a mental health therapist, you will have to help patients manage and overcome their disorders, mental and emotional. You'll have to encourage your patients to discuss their issues, and you will need to guide them through their troubles, and help lead them towards decisions.

Conditions of Working

You will have to work in multiple different care centers, hospitals and sometimes even colleges. This job is full time.

Training, Preparation, and Earnings

This job requires hands on experience, compassion, and listening and speaking skills. You also need a master's degree in psychology. The earnings of a mental health therapist are from $26,000 to $69,000 a year.

Attire for the Job

The clothing required for a therapy career can be anything from fancy clothes to casual clothes. Pretty much anything works in this case, as long as it's not tacky.

Job Outlook and Related Occupations

The amount of Mental Therapists is predicted to grow 19% in the next 8 years, and the number of individuals with health insurance is expected to increase. I suspect with rising stress, the amount of therapists that will be needed will increase.

  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Psychologists

Accurate or Inaccurate for me?

I say accurate, because I'm a hard worker and I'm very compassionate. I also listen well.

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