the four phases of our business

Hi everyone, Yvonne here. We just got back from the Kickoff 2017 Event which was lots of fun. We'll send around some of the highlights with some pictures in a few days, just so you don't feel left out! But I wanted to share this with you

The 4 Phases of Business are THE GIG!! I When I first heard of these 4 phases, in April at Super Saturday, it woke me up from my stupor of overwhelm!!!

Let me share with you what they are. Hopefully, they will help all of you as well.

This can last from 3-6 months (or more!!). The PRIMARY OBJECTIVE here is to

1). create your product result (full immersion into your PD)

2). create your income result. You want to start focussing on actioning to create a 3, 5 or 10 plan ASAP. Action creates confidence. Ideally you want to do two 90 day plans back-to-back. Then you are in business. Business doesn't start until you are knocking out a 3 plan consistently. The months before then are your preparation months and PHASE 1.

During Phase 1 you are fragile, vulnerable and take things way too personally. You are fearful and desperate and you doubt your decision constantly. You are financially stressed. WOOO HOOO you are on track!!! Phase ONE is upon you. It's intense!! But if you stay with your PD you will learn how to manage your emotions through this patch.

And if you remember to just action something every day--imperfectly NOT perfectly--you will move through this phase. It's like jumping through hoops of fire. Constantly out of your comfort zone. Thanks ye Gods we have the the 17 Day Prosperity System and Masters of Destiny (and lots of other stuff) to do. If you've already done them, do them again, until your cellular structure is changed, and your neurological pathways create more pleasure. Focus on your vision and what you want to create for yourself. Get that subconscious (our automatic brain) receiving some different messages rather than the pattern of the familiar yet toxic emotional chemical addiction or fear, pain, victimhood and overwhelm.

In this phase you are front-lining, meaning you are working consistently to keep your 3, (5 or 10) plan moving, BUT you are having FUN and feel in flow every now and then. You are still emotionally roller-coasting, but you are more able to manage, and the dips are not as intense or dramatic or as frequent. You have experienced a certain belief in the products and the company. You are more thick-skinned and you wondered why you made it so difficult for yourself at the beginning. You recognise that you can build your company as deep and wide as you like. You are identifying leaders in your team. You are measuring up what you need to do to clearly hit the financial goals that you want (and things are becoming more streamlined and clear for you). On a 50 week year you are realising what can actually happen if you keep your 3 plan or raise it to a 5 or 10 plan. There is a better context of where you are wanting to head. And that becoming an M8 Director will definitely get you there, IF that is where you want to go.

This is a phase where you can psych yourself out about where you have got to. You are still front-lining (making up front sales), and developing leaders within your team (M8 Directors). You are asking yourself constantly "is it really this simple?".... "isn't everyone getting these results?".... "am I super-talented?" " can I keep it up?"

In this Phase you are still front-lining at a 3,5 or 10 plan and you are increasing your activity. You have a demonstrated belief in your team. You are serving others in the community. You have a strong duplication/repeat business . You are full of gratitude in a new way for what is and what is to come.

Remember, Shane Krider talked to 1600 people before he got his first sale! Rachel Krider almost gave up in month 4, because she had so little to show for her hard work.

Nate and I have had our moments too. But we are proof that if you keep working you'll come out of Phase 1 and move on to Phase 2 and 3 and 4. So hang in there, go at your own pace but don't give up.

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