Kathy H. A Caring Carer

Hey I'm Kathy. Now you might think "Kathy" : a regular name for a regular girl - but I've got one heck of a story, and it all started in Hailsham with my best friends Ruth and Tommy.

Me (the blond), Ruth (the shocked one with the bangs) and Tommy (the boy who needs a haircut)
the sandbox, thunder the horse, the pencil case, the cassette tape, the eaves, the black barn - some of my special memories with Ruth <3
the pond, the elephant painting, the polo, ms.lucy, norfolk - tommy and i had a special, unmatchable connection

This song has a special meaning to me, if you aren't feeling it... skip to the chorus, "Never let me go… Oh baby, baby… Never let me go" and think about it this way. A woman couldn't have babies, although all she wanted was a baby and somehow, by a miracle she had one. Now, she is singing the song to her baby who she hopes she never loses - now that aught to bring tears to your eyes.

Norfolk, England - the "lost corner" according to the guardians at Hailsham, but ironically, it was where Tommy found me a replica of the tape i lost ... so it turned out to be the "found Corner"
okay, i promise we aren't stalkers! On our trip to Norfolk, our main goal was finding Ruth's possible. You see, finding your possible, is finding the person you were created from ... its finding who you are and what your future holds. It was very important to Ruth and meant a lot to her, so you can understand the seriousness with which we are staring into the glass, right?
High Street - oh, how that lead to disappointment. It felt like forever walking on that narrow street, lined with shops and houses, following someone who was definitely not Ruth ... it's alright, it was just a little bit of fun (as Tommy put it, while Ruth snapped at him angrily )

Leaving the Cottages, Ruth and I were not on the best terms. But she served as a carer and then became a donor. Her first donation, I heard, was rough but like the tough girl she is, she pulled through. I soon became her carer but after her 2nd donation, my best friend passed away.

After all Tommy had been through with Ruth, he moved on to become a carer and then a donor at Kingsfield recovery center, where he was lucky to have me as his carer! When he gets called for his fourth donation, however, we bid adieu, and Tommy completes. I will always miss my temper tantrum throwing best friend.

And that just leaves me, Kathy. I'm 31 years old and I am a carer. I have been one for over 11 years, traveling between centers, and I am darn good at my job. I took a road trip with Ruth and Tommy to see an abandoned boat. We learned that deferrals don't exist, which Tommy was not happy about. I recently received my summons to become a donor - I am looking forward to it.

And that's me. As I am called for donations, I am comforted by the things that cannot be taken away from me - the memories of Hailsham and my friends will always be safe in my head.


Created with images by vargazs - "game sandbox child's play" • Tim Green aka atoach - "White Horse" • Orange42 - "Pencil Case Reloaded" • InspiredImages - "vcr video tapes" • tsc_traveler - "eaves" • Brokentaco - "St Mary's church Great Massingham Norfolk"

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