Acrylic Special Effects Discussion Board 6

For this week's assignment, I chose to complete Option 1: Artwork.

After studying the provided resources, I decided to use our assignment this week to help me narrow down my ideas for our final project. I know I would like to create three large paintings that will hang in my kitchen and use the color scheme of my backsplash.
I am struggling to pinpoint the subject matter and approach for the work. One idea is to create paintings of my children, eating. I decided to explore this subject further while also experimenting with a few different Acrylic techniques. I began by photographing my son eating his baby food.
Next, I uploaded the photo and abstracted it a bit using Photoshop. Theresa's explanation of a faster approach to Acrylic image transfer appealed to me, so I printed the image on my inkjet printer and prepared my painting supplies.
I began by applying a generous amount of fluid body, white Acrylic paint on 90 lb. mixed-media paper.
I pressed the printed image to the smooth paint and allowed the papers to completely dry for 3 hours.
Then, I sprayed a gentle mist of water to the back of the photo image.
I carefully peeled the printer paper from the mixed-media paper.
Then, I trimmed away excess paper.
Using a loaded brush technique, I began applying paint to the background.
Then, I used a heavy body gel medium to apply color to the arm and shoulders.
Next, I used a baby food lid to stamp the background and add texture with a pumice gel medium.
I then added washes the the face and hand and some additional details to the spoon and eyes. Here is my complete portrait!

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