According to the graph we can see more and more people in the world like to drink coca cola, and as the population grows, the consumers will increase a lot too. We can clearly see the the earnings growth increases 71% from 2006 to 2011. It was about $2.00 in 2006, and eventually in 2011, it grew to about $3.6.

According to this line graph, we can see the McDonald earned numerous money in these 25 years. In 1995, the income of the McDonald was only about 4B, in 1990, it rose to about 6B, and in increases year by year, and gradually in 2010, it stopped at about 30B, which was a large amount of money in today. By looking this line graph, we might reasonably arrive at the conclusion that people around the world like the products they produced, and willing to spend their money on them. This is how the brand of the restaurant affect the world.

This graph shows how do the users of the mobile phone increases year by year from 1987 to 2008. In the beginning which was 1987, only small amount of people had and used mobile phones, it gradually increased until 1994. Since 1994, the users of the mobile phone increases crazily year after year, the users of the mobile phones were approximately 4 millions in 1994. However, in 2008, there were about 72 million of the people who had and used a mobile phone. So because of the rapid development of the technology, lots of inventions such as mobile phone came out, and people today depend more and more on them because of several benefits they can bring to them.

This graph shows the changes of the number of people who did the manufacturing jobs. Between 1950 to 1985, the changes were very irregular, sometimes high and sometimes low. However, since 1990, the quantity of people who prefer to do the manufacturing jobs had decline a lot, it dropped from about 17500 people in 1990 to only approximately 11000 people in 2013. As a conclude, most of the people today won't willing to take a tired and hard job.

In this graph, we can briefly know how do the search engines online affect the society, take google as an example, most of people from different countries will use it for searching somethings they want to know such as some news happened recently, or maybe use for search the information for the projects and research paper. Most of the people from United State, Canada, and United Kingdom will prefer to use google as their search engines.

There are two different lines in this line graph. One of them represent the amount of employees for newspapers between 1990 to 2016. Another line shows that the amount of employees for the internet publishers. We can clearly see the amount of employees who worked newspaper declined a lot after year and a year. In 1990, about 450 thousands of employees that worked for newspaper, but now even than 200 thousands of them are still working for newspaper, this is a really big different between 1990 and 2016. However, for the employees of the internet publishers, the amount of employees increase from only about 25 thousands of people in 1990 to 200 thousands of them nowadays, which is even more than the news paper. In conclusion, we know how can the internet affect the society, most of the people who original worked for newspaper turn and work for the internet publishers, i think this is because they think that work as a internet publishers might have better conditions and income.

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