Iroquois Theater Fire Why was the fire so important to humanity?

Iroquois Theater Fire

Did you know that the Iroquois theater fire killed over 600 people? Have you ever wondered what caused the triangle fire? How about thinking about what made it so devastating? The Iroquois theater fire killed over 600 people in Chicago. The reason why the fire sparked was because the stage light in the back sparked onto the cloth curtain which quickly spread to the props made of wood in the back. The Iroquois theater fire while devastating led to changes in fire safety laws.

It all began on Friday, December 30th, 1903 at 3:15 pm. Over 1000 people flooded the luxurious building and crowded the fire prtetected walls of the theater. The people waited patiently for the play "Mr. Bluebird" to begin and waited for the curtain to drop, but never did. The people began to grow impatient while waiting for the curtain to drop when an actor behind the curtain shouted "fire". The actors ran through the emergency exit behind theater and slammed the door shut which locked the rest of the 30 opened doors. The people ran in fear as the fire spread faster than some could run they all did not know where to head to because the exit signs were off and many just burned in their own seats. Some escaped up to the second floor just to see others jumping to their death or frantically pushing on the locked doors. Their were no ladders to get down only stairs that were blocked by the locked door. The fire was over in just 15 minutes but in that time killed over 600 people. The police then identified all of the dead bodies which took more than 3 days.("Fire breaks out in Chicago theater")

The only good thing that came from this tragic event were the new fire laws. Some things that changed from then were that the exit signs must always be on. Doors have to push inward not outward. And a new invention called the panic bar was created which allowed the door to pushed open while it's still shut.

Even though the Iroquois theater fire killed more than 600 people it allowed more and better fire laws to be made which help us to this day. I observed that the new without this even happening to us, although sad helped save more lives today.

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