Liberty's Hairy Mess One Haircut could make a difference in somebody's life.

Homeless people are filled with sadness everyday.

Since the majority of Homeless people are alone, they have no one they can turn to and experience love.

Even though people are aware of the homeless, only few rise and make a deference.

Liberty University can use free haircuts to create ways to evangelize to the homeless and by doing so can give homeless people hope.

One act of kindness can serve a major change to someone who is facing a hard time in life.

Hair-cutting can be used for as stepping stone to help and evangelize.

Homeless people can feel at peace when they receive a haircut and be filled with the knowledge of God.


Created with images by psyberartist - "homeless" • gerard_flynn - "Hopeless and homless Union Square October 2014" • David Holt London - "London August 8 2016 022 Homless in a Rich Country" • zoominin - "Homeless feeding 042" • hashc0de - "Toby" • hashc0de - "Toby" • madpai - "dhoop chaanv" • kdnewton - "Vanquishing of the Hair-Golem" • grantlairdjr - "IMG_2125" • hashc0de - "Kevin"

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