Contemporary dance skills & development residency Integration process into Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company & The Tazrimim Ensemble


This program is build up on a high quality standards of dance training and education in order to develop and evolve young dancers from India and abroad, and initially giving the possibility to be part of Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company.


Through five months of intensive guiding, education and training, the dancers will go through a deep process, learning the company repertoire and an eventually option to be part of the performances on the Jungle dance theatre stage.

The qualified and serious dancers will get a certification of the company as well as media documentation. An eventual possibility of rising up in and with the company on an international level.


During the five months, a large palette of education process will be exposed to the dancers. As well as the contact with various artists, teachers and musicians that will take part in the process.

Subjects that are exposed during the process of development:

Corporal expression- theatrical & musical skills ( Voice & Rhythm), Composition, Choreography, Repertoire and Performance, Techniques and Somatics, Analyses of Movement, Anatomie, Philosophy and Art, the Poetry of Dance, History of Dance, Personal Research & Improvisation.

Our program will contain 7 main subjects in relation with the 4 states of matter - solid, liquid, gaseous and vibratory. Our own personal research in movement, vision and conception will be merged with the study of philosophy in relation to art, movement and music.

First in relation with the 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gaseous.

Second is vibratory and inspiration.

Third is the art of improvisation.

The 7 main subjects that will be covered in our study program are

1. SOLID (in relation with the static flow)

we will emphase gravity, shifts of weight, rooting in the ground, stability (support of the feet in full relation of the legs and our pelvis, the coco femoral articulation, our quadriceps and the arms as a support for the grand dorsal). The relation of the spine into the floor by the messengers which are the feels. Conditioning of our muscles and stretching.

2. LIQUID (in relation with the inner flow)

We will be working on the succession and the disassociation and independence of all and each of our body parts. Articulations and control of inner movements of the muscles in relation to the organs. The inner flow is there for the retuning of the body as a string of a musical instrument.

3. FLUID - which is the result of the state of being liquid.

Within our liquid and solid understanding, we will work the fluidity in space, accenting on a solid space with a higher level of resistance such as floor work as principle, contact improvisation and work in water. We will work on all body supports, flying, lending, swimming, working on the continuity like the river that flows as flows the time.

4. GASEOUS - the extreme movement of fluidity

We will be working mainly on the space as a matter space, exploring all the possibilities of moving and advancing in space, such as different levels, directions, change of directions, crossing. We will work on the notion of suspension in relation to gravity as opposition, accentuating the arms as the motor, the navigator and the guide to accomplish the drilling, spinning, turning, bifurcating, rotating, gliding, flying, floating, as well as research of independence from succession and the randomness of movements and inner change of directions (as a drunk asking his body, 'What is happening to you?')

During the work on the following states of matter we will learn sequences that will build up as a fluid choreographed routine for each subject.


We will be working on our vocals, the inner vibration of sounds which is the intensive source of movement, in relation to the inner flow, control of the diaphragm, the stomach and breathing, the division of the breath, the control of volume (crescendo and decrescendo), musicality and rhythm in relation with the group, harmonizing into a polyphony - creation lead by Mohamed Alnuma.


We will be learning philosophy in relation to art, poetry, reflection, choreographic culture and poetic side of dance. To relate our mind to our body we need to open up to those subjects and ideas, because just as for the body we need to learn new movements and to repeat them until we do them right, it's also true for the mind, we need to learn new ideas and repeat them to understand them until they becomes ours.

7. FREE - The art of improvisation

In this practice we will join who we are with what we are learning, and bring them to the here and now.

The art of improvisation will be linked to the art of performing on stage and into our creations.

Of course each subject contains all in different degree and intensity, and each element and state of matter is a composition.

Mohamed & Daniell Alnuma

Jungle Dance Theatre

Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company


We will have 6 to 8 hours of training/ learning 5 to 6 days a week.

We will be based at The Jungle Dance Theatre, the home base of Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company since 2013 (Arambol Batwadi, Goa ,India). The Jungle Dance Theatre is a large space for dance and body arts activities. Beside the theatre stage we hold up 3 dance spaces, the Jungle Dance Cafe restaurant, the Jungle Oasis Perma Culture, and the jungle pool of Goa.

3 healthy meals are prepared daily at the Jungle Dance Cafe.

Accommodation is available in the Jungle Dance Space Village

TIMES AND DATES - from the first of November up to the end of March
Dates of performances on stage:

Two performances between 10 to 20 dec

Two performances between 10 to 20 jan

Two performances between 10 to 20 feb (option gala-25 feb)

Two performances between 10 to 20 March

New creations to work during the 5 month training:
  • Intensive (II) - States of Trans-formation
  • Night¬†Distances - The Poet
  • Body of no body Landscape
Recent creations that the company will rework in the near future
  • Intensive Games of Transformation
  • Body of Nobody - Gathering of Charming Creatures
  • Drops of Time
  • Rite of Spring

This five months program is a beginning of a process for the dancers who will continue in the company.

Time and continuity is needed for the growing up with the choreographer's body language ( and developing each dancer's language with the company's artistic needs) and to reach into a higher level of capacities and maturity.

The work on the choreographic creations will be continuous in order to improve their performing level.


There will be a possibility for the dancers to become teachers in the company, to be able to give workshops, classes and teachings of the repertoire, and being a part of the spreading and sharing the education and the culture of dance.

The dancers can have their own space of creation, and their work will be guided and presented in the Gala shows organised by the theatre.

The dancers of the company will be working as well on commercial dance creations by the company in order to be exposed to a larger public.


To develop as an artistic company, and to give high quality of presentations in India and abroad.

To develop the home base of the company ( Jungle Dance Theatre ) into a high quality dance cultural center and an academy.

Daniell Alnuma

A dancer, creator, choreographer and dance teacher who holds a diploma in Pedagogy and Contemporary Dance, from the National Dance Center of Lyon - France.

Mohamed Alnuma

A musician, poet, art director and teacher of Philosophy and Art.

Other teachers, guests and artists will intervene as well during this period.


(The planing is flexible and can change according to the rehearsals before a public presentation or other events, as concerts, tiredness,work of the company out of Goa and concerts of Mohamed & Daniell out of Arambol).


Food & accommodation per month around 15,ooo INR.

Training - per month 5,ooo INR. This price is only for the future dancers of the company. ( dancers and students can join the cours, not including the creation and performance process in a different price and conditions. Full training with the Company, per month 25,oooINR)

Dancers will have to have in their dance bag:

Socks, towel, changing dance clothes, long shirt for floor works, knees protection, contemporary foot gloves (skin), plasters, bottle of water, notebook and pen.

To integrate in to this program and to be eventually part of the company, please send your CV, a motivation letter and a video presenting your dance to the address below

For farther information:


WhatsApp: +33695019985

Facebook: daniell alnuma alter


David Desouza  Rune Abro Maria Filippova Aparajita Burjwal

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