Cassandra IsFree (Cassandra Jenkins)

Cassandra IsFree is a Virginia-bred Author, Slam Poet/Spoken Word Artist and Award Winning Actress from the 757. She has been writing since childhood and performing for well over a decade. Cass, as she is affectionately known by her peers, has featured at several venues and events over the years, including Busboys and Poets, Mic Fiend, Last Tuesdays, and Nuyorican Cafe with the 757 Most Wanted crew. She is a founding member of the Hampton Roads slam team, "Verb Benders", which has competed at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam since 2017, placing 6th in the region in 2019. In 2019, Cass also released two publications, "Quote Me Bish", a compilation of thought provoking haiku and one liners, and "42", a beautiful collection of 42 love poems. Cass is an on-call actress and resident poet with TRS Productions and also stars in productions through Old Dominion University (University Theater) in Norfolk, VA. Cass is a wife, mother, writer, performer and free spirit. She loves the stage and it loves her back.

Feature Venues/ Events

Busboys and Poets

Mic Fiend

Last Tuesdays

Verses and Vibes

Feature Fridays

Free Your Mind Fridays

Primetime Poetry Lounge

Nuyorican Café (as part of 757's Most Wanted)

CIPHER TUES (as part of Verb Bender's Slam)

Open Mics (Previous and Current)

The Venue on 35th St.

Fuzzy Wednesdays


The WET Spot

Poetic Expressions

Last Tuesdays

Slam Poetry

Verb Benders (Since 2017)

Southern Fried Poetry Slam (6th in the region with Verb Benders)

Stage Productions:

ODU Monologues


Onward and Upward


Quote Me Bish



Carl West (godchild the omen) - Renowned poet, Former host of Fuzzy Wed, Host of Vibrations and Co-host of The Wet Spot , Host of countless other events, Friend. godchild360@gmail.com

Stephanie Lask (Steph Luv) - Host (former) of Last Tuesdays, Host of Waiting to Exhale, Slam Master of Verb Benders slam team, Friend. 757-472-0718, Slfivehunnet@gmail.com

Jorge Mendez (Jorge) - Poet, Host of the Venue Open Mic Night and Feature Fridays, Friend. 757-478-9552, pentalk888@yahoo.com





cassandraisfree@gmail.com 757-230-0994


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