Tour of the Harn By: kaitlyn Dailey

Medium of the Art

La Grande Trompette, By: Julio González

To me the La Grande Trompette by Julio González represents a piece of art that needs to be seen in person and not online or in a book. Seeing this piece in person allowed me to look at it from every angle. When seeing it for the first time it was fascinating to observe how such a beautiful piece of art could be made out of everyday objects such as metal. The information about La Grande Trompette states that it was a piece that impacted how European and American artists began to work with metals, which was very striking to me. This piece communicated a sense of both simplicity and difficultly. Although these two words vary, I think they both are a good representation of this work. I get the word simplicity from the idea that there are no vibrant colors and few complicated shapes. While the word difficulty comes from the idea that this piece was made from metal and is not small in size. At first the artwork made me feel intrigued and wanting more. I continued to look at it and I began to appreciate more and more. The simplicity turned into complexity as I continued to look at this piece.

Design of the Museum

Okakagbe Masquerade Costume, by: Lawrence Ajanaku

The exhibit of the museum that was most appealing to me was the one including the African culture. This particular exhibit does a good job of arranging the art in the space that they have. At the entrance there is a brightly colored costume, pictured above, that catches your eye. That was the first thing that made me excited when walking into this exhibit. This piece encouraged me to want to see the rest of the art in this exhibit. The African culture exhibit makes me feel invested in the art. I could have spent hours in this exhibit alone looking at all of the details of each piece.


The Three Girls Holding Hands, Sertão da Paraíba by Sebastião Salgado

Just as the title of the photo says this is a picture of three girls holding hands. When I look at this picture I see see my core value of family. I believe that your family is always there for you no matter what the circumstances and that is what this photo represents to me. When I think about how sad and unhealthy these girls look, the next place I see my eyes looking is at their intertwined hands. I like to relate this back to my family. No matter the mistakes I have made or the struggles that we have been through we always have each others backs. Just like these girls are sticking together through all of the problems that they are facing. This piece of art work instills a sense of comfort, because I know these girls are going through such a hard time but I also know that they are there for each other. This photo helps me to realize how much my family means to me, and the huge importance of having a support system.

Art and the Good Life

Jim Twadell's Place by: George Wesley Bellows

This artwork conveys the good life of what I want to achieve. It shows a simple home surrounded by nature. The simple piece represents that life can have its simple moments and that is when life is the greatest. One does not need the newest electronics or car, they just need to be surrounded by those they love and nature. I believe that the good life is each persons own definition to make. For me this piece gives a greater understanding and appreciation for what I want my good life to be. Which is a life filled with nature and a form of simplicity.

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