Brazil Ryan walton 5.4

The population in Brazil is 210,740,660 million

The average weather in brazil is 23 degrees Celsius

A significant landform in Brazil is the Amazon River Basin

There is one language spoke in Brazil and that is Portuguese

The mai religions in Brazil are Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox Christianity, Jehova's Witnesses and Latter-Day Saints.

Some foods eaten in Brazil are Shrimp, Coconut Milk and White Rice. Traditional dress in Brazil is Straw hats, Sturdy boots and baggy pants.

The biggest change ver the last 100 years in Brazil is the first world cup after World War II, on home soil, and the country was desperate for international recognition.

Did you know? Most LandForms in Brazil are have water on or in them

Brazil is different to the UK because they have waaaaaaaayyyyy more people in there country/Brazil and Brazil never fought in World War II, Brazil also eats completely different foods to the UK.


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