A bit of a Garage It’s never really finished!

So, I had this garage. It's a lovely garage but not quite finished. Actually, it wasn't finished at all!
So I put in a lift. Quite a nice lift, full size 4 poster with a 4 Ton platform.
Add an Aston Martin and that looks good!!
So, no soffits. No problem. Soffits front and back with vents and some nice little LED downlights. Perfect!
Preparation is key. How about 100mm of Celotex insulation?
So, the previous owner decided to glue down every floor board (amongst everything else he bodged)! So we had to install the insulation from underneath. A lovely job - NOT
When its done, its pretty good though.
Ready for plaster....
A lovely job.
Paint, paint and more paint needed.
4 coats of paint to be exact!!
A bit of light goes a long way to showing whats coming.
Ceiling speakers, air conditioning and a nice glass door.
And now some flooring. Nearly finished.
The big moment!
The Aston needs a good wash but in fairness, it hasn't seen daylight in 6 months.
A bit of integration
This might be finished soon!!!
Nice epoxy floor
Finished, I think...
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Brent Hudson