Raelynn REnaissance person

Raelynn a girl who can sing.Her compassion to sing makes her a renaissance person.Her real name is Racheal Lynn Woodward Davis, but everyone calls her Raelynn.She was born in Boston Texas,1994,May 4th.Raelynn is married to Josh Davis,She is 22 years old, her first song was God made girls which was released on July 1st,2014 . Raelynn went on the Voice 2 times and both of them ,she was off in the quarterfinals.She learned with her aunt in Texas to sing since she was a music teacher.This compassion to sing has made an impact on many people.

Raelynn and her husband (Josh Davis)

A person who cares about others.Raelynn cares for others.Although her parents were divorced she still cares for others.When she went on tour the first thing she did was talk to children about music and singing.She always has a big smile on her face.When she was 12 years old the doctors said she had diabetes so she went, to a program called Ambassador Education,to see other kids with diabetes.Since then she had the love and compassion to help others.

This is her tour bus

Even though some things get hard Raelynn never stops.Raelynn may of had some family issues like having her parents divorced but that didn't stop her.Or even when she found out she had diabetes that never stopped her from following her dream to become something big like a music artist.Since she never stops and never gives up she is a renaissance person.

Raelynn played for the kids at Loma Linda children's hospital
This is her music album

God made girls her first song


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