Aeolus PRESENTATION by: Joshlyn Adams-Jones

Aeolus is the god of wind or also known as "The Keeper of the Winds". Aeolus was first thought to be a mortal but after he gave Odysseus the winds he became known as a god. He is the one who guided Odysseus on his way giving him great help on the way. Son of a mortal king and a immortal nymph became immortal like his mother

The God of the winds the mover of plants, animals and water.

Aeolus Trait: Hospitable letting Odysseus and his crew stay and even offer them the winds to help guide them on there journey He is also known to be in three different myths and in each of them he is someone who guides them on there journey (

Aeolus Trait: Scary the second time Odysseus came to him he turned his back on him as one who is "hateful to the gods" (www.classics.upenn). He also holds the winds imprisoned there at his beck and call

Aeolus Trait: A follower he would always listen to the gods on using the four winds he was commanded by the gods and obeyed yet he also does his own thing like helping Odysseus in his travels he also listens to Zeus when he wants him to take down someone (www.classics.upenn).

Aeolus is a go with the flow person who may seem scary many times but also kind and is as well independent with helping Odysseus. In ancient Greece, Greeks valued hospitality glory strength as well as realizing they aren't as powerful as the gods Aeolus is still an unknown mystery and many question if he is or isn't an actual god but it is said that Zeus appointed him keeper of the winds (www.classics.upenn).

What humans portrayed Aeolus as a horse human goat


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