So, What if... by Max el-hag

Questions of Contemplation

My lifelong curiosity has allowed me to learn and accomplish a lot, and for that I am extremely grateful. But, that knowledge has come with a price. In my journey as a coach I try to do my best to pass on the knowledge I have learned so that other people will not have to make the same sacrifices I made. I am not entirely sure if it’s possible to ACTUALLY be grateful in a journey completely devoid of sadness, failure, self-doubt, and ultimately overcoming of obstacles. And yet, in an effort to help you make decisions in fitness (and life), I felt it was worth asking some questions that I wish the fitness community would be thinking about. These are rhetorical, and the only purpose is to stimulate self reflection and either challenge or reinforce your motivations.

So, What if…

In the process of attaining the goal you sacrificed a life for, you realized that you’d trade it all for a life?

Your insistence that you know what you’re talking about with regards to ‘healthy’ choices is actually making you and others more UN-healthy?

In the process on attaining the body you want so that you can be wanted you lose all your hormonal desire to actually connect intimately with another human being…leaving you feeling alone and unwanted?

In the process of gaining the respect and credibility you want as an ‘expert’ in the market you are actually selling quick fixes and lies and hurting more people than you are helping?

Your insistence on using esoteric (or scientific OR clique oriented) words is actually more of a reflection of your ignorance than your intelligence?

Your obsession with perfect movement (or technique) is the road block on your road to better movement?

The hours you spend in the gym could be spent elsewhere to create more fulfillment and happiness in your life?

You’re wrong about something important for your success and you’re too arrogant to reflect on yourself?

Your performance today will have a negative effect on your health tomorrow?

It’s necessary to sacrifice your ‘happiness’ and comfort to attain a goal?

Your close mindedness is stopping you from connecting with the mentor you’ve always wanted, to becoming what you’ve always wanted to become?

Someone told you with 100% certainty that you would not attain your goal…would you still do it?

You have to look fatter to be ‘fitter’?

The attention you seek so desperately isn’t what you actually want?

You woke up tomorrow and realized that everything you thought you knew was wrong?

You’re right about everything and you’re not willing to voice your opinion because you’re insecure?

Don’t be paralyzed by ‘what if’s,’ but allow them to guide your choices in life. Remember that if you are in a period of happiness, movement, excitement, growth, and progress…it will end, so enjoy it. And if you are in pain, suffering, stagnant, stuck, depressed, and sad…it too shall pass so don’t dwell for too long and work to change what you can.

~ Max

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Max El-Hag

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