Working Conditions In Mexico ruby castro 2017

Mexico is full of interesting facts with all kinds of food and religions. Although conditions can be different, for example, Working conditions. How are working conditions in Mexico? Working conditions arn't as bad as they seem. What do they spend their money on?

According to Karin Lenhardt, mexico has many different interesting facts. For example, you have to be part of the informal sector to be able to work. You should have a social to be a legal worker.

Another fact about working conditions by Edgar Santillian is that most of the workers use their money for home and safety to support their families. Other Mexico citizens waste their money on either drugs or alcohol. People spend their money in different ways.

Pastrana assets that most people in mexico only have a bed and t.v set, depending on the job and how much they get paid is how they live and raise themselves.

In conclusion everyone has different ways to live and work. Mexico just has more trouble having good conditions.

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